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The iRig Pre provides an XLR microphone interface for your iPhone or iPad. And in addition to just getting connected, the adapter includes a 48v Phantom Power feature running on a 9v battery so you can hook in a condenser microphone and not worry about the drain on your iPad's power.

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3 Ways to Hook Up an iPhone to a Car Stereo - wikiHow Hook up your iPhone to your car stereo. Plug one end of your iPhone’s data or lightning cable to the port at the bottom of your iPhone. Take the other end of the cable and plug it to the USB port on the car stereo.

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Connect your pro XLR microphone to your iPhone by Allan. Apple’s free VoiceMemo application for iPhone makes it attractive to connect your pro XLR microphone Allan Tépper November 02, 2009 Starting with software version 3.0 of the iPhone, Apple includes an audio recorder application called VoiceMemo.

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How to get great audio while filming on your iPhone | iMore If you have an older iPhone or iPod touch, or you can borrow a friend's, you can use it as a portable microphone with little problem. Use your iPhone to film how you'd like, then set up the second iPhone near where you want audio.

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How to Hook Up a Microphone to My iPhone : Getting the Most From iPhones When hooking up a microphone to your iPhone, you're always going to want to make sure that you're using the right type of cable. Hook up a microphone to your iPhone with help from a Mac savvy tech.

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RØDE Microphones RØDE Microphones highly recommend that you only purchase RØDE products from authorised dealers. You can view a full list of authorized US dealers here.. If you purchase any RØDE microphone from an unauthorized dealer you will not receive any US warranty or technical support.

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Using a USB Microphone with an iPad | B&H Explora The Apogee MiC Studio Quality USB Microphone with iOS Lightning Cable delivers professional, fully digital audio to your Mac, iPhone & iPad. Record vocals, instruments and other audio sources with confidence, and the fidelity expected of a leading manufacturer in digital audio products.

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How to Set Up a Simple One Microphone Sound System Learn how to set up a small single microphone, two speaker sound reproduction system for the best overall coverage and to keep feedback at a minimum Install the two speakers, one on each side of the front of your audience.

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would this cable work for hooking up an external microphone Flag as inappropriate (would this cable work for hooking up an external microphone) Answer Facebook question about Apple iPhone TTY Adapter on Facebook

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If the microphones on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. To test the primary microphone on the bottom of your iPhone, open Voice Memos and tap the record icon. Then speak into the microphone and tap the play icon to play back the recording. You should be able to hear your voice clearly.